Reaching out to students in rural areas and empower them in Gandhian valusv for Peace…..

Please read the report:

Gandhi Peace Foundation Team’s three days visit to five different Schools in Krishnagiri, from 9th to 11th July 2018, under the invitation of Most Rev.Bishop Dr.Lawrence Pius of Dharmapuri, one of our Patrons.
GPF team of six members ( Dr.S.Kulandaisamy – SK, Mrs.Gilda Kulandaisamy, Dr.C.Shenbagavalli – CS, Mr.M.D.Chander, Masters Ravinath & Yeshwant of Chennai High School, Vanniya Teynampet) conducted Peace Education programs in the following schools:
Day 1: 9.7.2018(Monday- Forenoon) : Gonzaga Matriculation H.S.School, Elathagiri, Krishnagiri Dt.
Fr. Lourdusamy welcomed us and coordinated the forenoon session at the above school. Dr.S.K shared the purpose of the visit and spoke on Gandhian values and how it can be followed by micro actions by individuals. Quiz on Gandhiji’s life had been conducted by Yeshvant & Ravinath and a mono acting by Dr.CS followed by GPF student’s skit. A very high response felt from the school students. Head Mistress Sister Vimala concluded the session.
Day 1 . 9.7.2018- Afternoon : St.Antony’s Girls H.S.School, Elathagiri, KrishnagiriDt.
Fr. Martin introduced GPF team to the students and the purpose of their visit. Father Lourdusamy welcomed the gathering and H.M.Fr. Benjamin spoke to the students on how they can be benefited from GPF Team’s presentation. Quiz was conducted with overwhelming response from students. Gandhiji’s life events were shared linking with the values. Students showed much interest in getting the quiz books.
Day 2. 10.7.2018 (Tuesday – Forenoon) : F.C.Fatima Boy’s High School, Krishnagiri
Most Rev. Dr.Bishop Lawrence Pius presided over the program and Fr.Susai Raj welcomed GPF Team and adviced the students to make use of the program on Gandhian values. The whole team of GPF participated in conducting different skits. Bishop conducted a quiz and gave away to 10 students prizes that he brought. Overall response of the students was very much appreciatable.
Day 2 . 10.7.2018-Afternoon : St.Annes Girls H.S.School, Krishnagiri
Session started with a prayer. H.M.Sister Helen welcomed the GPF Team. Dr.S.K shared few anecdotes from the life of Mahatma and the Quiz wasconducted by Mr.M.D.Chander. Dr.CS did mono acting on the importance of Sarvodaya , followed by skits by Yeshwant and Ravinath. Answers to the Quiz questions were responded correctly by most of the students.
Day 3. 11.7.2018 ( Wednesday – Forenoon) : Don Bosco H.S.School, Krishnagiri
Fr.Backiyanathan welcomed the GPF Team and gave introduction on the values of Gandhi and the purpose of GPF Team’s visit. Dr.C.S. narrated the stories of Harishchandra and Bhakta Shravan that made a great impact in the life of Gandhiji as found in his autobiography. Mr.M.D.Chander shared his life experience in following one value from Mahatma’s life, punctuality, and how it helped him in his long years of student life and professional life. Bishop joined the session and conducted a quiz for students and gave away ten prizes. Though the gathering is small, the students followed the event meticulously. Thanks to Fr.Lourdusamy for his full coordination for all the five events.
On the whole our visit was a great success in reaching out to five schools, fifty teachers, and three thousand students. We distributed 1500 Quiz-pamphlets. We also promised the Tamil medium students that they would get the Tamil version soon.
Above all these achievements, we, the six team members could develop more intimacy by being together and evaluating our performances and helping each other to grow in strength for effectively accomplishing our mission.
We thank the Arch Bishop of Dharmapuri Rt. Rev. Dr. Lawrence Pius who arranged the whole program, provided boarding& lodging and also reimbursed our travel expenses.
We thank Fr.Susai Raj, Parish Priest and the Cook, Mrs. Mary and Fr.Antony Raj for taking care of us in their Parish House, with good food and hospitality.
Reported by Mr.M.D.Chander.


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