I have already explained why we should share the hard manual labour from those who are less privileged, marginalised and mostly depend on the meager income they get by the pain and suffering of their bodies. It is common sense. Body has to nurture the body by body labour.

It is injustice to nourish our bodies with the painful physical labour of other helpless lot. Though we can not accept it as a way of life, we can at least accept it as a policy. If I realise it then I start doing my jobs on my own and by doing so, we pass on the spirit to others.

As a humble beginning, we started cleaning up the street, Ambujammal Street in Alwarpet, from 7 to 7.30 am every day from 11th September, 2019 to 2nd October, 2019. We combined bhajans and spinning in Charkha and Takli from 7.30 to 08.00 am every day.

Most of the days one or two friends or the student volunteers from Stella Maris College joined us. Mr.R.Srikanth was with us all the days except for the last two days because he fell sick.

Today, we were only two and joined Mrs.Lakshmi who is the Conservancy worker for our street. She was very happy by our cleaning a portion of the street all these 21 days that reduced her workload.

Before Dr.Shenbagam and myself getting depressed of left alone, there came two persons in a motorbike. They rushed to us and took our brooms and started sharing our work. They were father and son. He was Dr.Sivasakthi Balan, the Principal of KRM Public School, Perambur, Chennai-11. The other one was his son, Mr.Karthi Vijay studying XII.

Dr.Balan confessed that he could not join us earlier because of the school work. Both father and son swept the streets very efficiently that I felt both are over qualified for their profession and study because according to Gandhiji, efficient manual useful labour is the touchstone for right education.



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