SK Diary  04.01.2019

When I say I went for a morning walk, many misunderstand me that I escape from my daily chores. No, getting up earlier before my wife gets up, sweeping the house, brewing coffee and boiling milk and sometimes washing the dishes are my daily routine. Don’t misunderstand that my wife is of a dominating type. No. She is the ‘the softest’ person I have ever met in this life, except my mother, of course.

Actually I take up these jobs along with cleaning of my car as warm-up exercises before I go for a 40 minutes fast walk. I must thank my wife for giving me this opportunity to steal her jobs. Such work keeps me always engaged constructively to help me transcend the temptation of peeping into others’ territory. One is tempted to advice, offer suggestions, pass on criticism and appreciation unwontedly, rectify another person’s mistakes etc., etc., when one idles. I am never idle. I never enter others’ territory.

And I need a lot of energy to take a selfie of my self!

I don’t mean the selfie taken with the use of a mobile. For your information, today’s Times of India daily warns like this: “People are being warned about ‘selfie wrist’ caused by using the phone’s camera to take a photo of themselves. Selfie wrist is a form of carpal tunnel syndrome. People who experience selfie wrist may feel a tingling or sharp pain, which comes from flexing your wrist inward or holding your phone too long without moving.” (Page.4, Chennai Times, The Times of India, dated 4.1.2019)

What do I mean by ‘taking a selfie of one’s own self’ without the help of an external device? It implies that we do it with an internal device! The brain, according to the scientists, is the most powerful device set in the human body. Do we use it as that should be used? If we don’t keep the brain-computer in order that is going to misuse the machine-computer! That should be the end of earth!

So taking a selfie of one’s own self by the camera fixed to the brain and check its effective functioning is the most urgent thing for every human today!


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