SK Diary 05.01.2019
Is conducting a workshop on Peace Education that easy? According to me, Yes. But the students in such sessions make it a challenge for me, I say No!
I am thorough with the basic ideals of Mahatma Gandhi, the values for peace, the constructive activities the youth should undertake, etc. and effective methodology of conveying them to the youth. But the students very easily make it harder for me to deliver the goods. Ultimately I lose peace. Whom to blame? Where lies the missing link?
One day I rushed to my office to pick up our Joint Secretary and Treasurer, Dr.C.Shenbagavalli and reach the school in time. She was watering the plants in the small nursery she had developed in the office terrace.
I never ever missed emphasising the importance of growing plants as a part of promoting peace on earth but never planted a sapling. But Dr.C.Shenbagavalli never philosophised but ever keen to grow this beautiful nursery. She does and I explain. It is right. But this is not the time for her to water the plants! I shouted at her.
She coolly handed over the hose pipe to me and pleaded that I finish the job. I murmured and grudged: “Is it a job that peacemakers like me should do? Any manual labourer would do this!”
I forgot for a moment that we both have a policy not to have paid workers and we ourselves are just honorary workers.
I spent just five minutes to complete the job, be in the ambience of the green plants, watering my hands and feet, look at the colourful flowers.
Just believe me…. the session was very successful unusually that day!
From that day onwards, I preferred to water the plants before I conduct a session. Selfish Peace!


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