SK Diary 09.01.2019
I had a dialogue with my friend Naveen on the importance of observation.
He remarked: “See, I used to mediate for ten minutes just immediately after I get up. Then I have to rush up. Unlike you, I have to be busy all the time. Time is money for me.”
I was just observing him getting ready. He drove his bike. I sat in the back.
All the way he was justifying why he could not afford to allot time for observation. He was rushing to catch up a man who promised him business. On the way he had to drop me.
Ooops….! There’s the red signal on the junction…..He became restless. I told him: “My dear friend, you have no other option except to observe. Just keep looking at everything around you. There’s another fifty seconds.”
He put off the engine and was just looking around with his hands tied to his chest.
“See, because of you, I am waiting. Otherwise I would’ve violated and fly off. No time.” He couldn’t help keep silent.
Just at the last 5th second a man came to him and pulled him off with the bike to the pathway.
“Sorry friend. I had to come and meet my brother living here. After that I tried calling you to stop going to my place but of no use. Anyway I could catch you here. Thanks to this signal. Let’s finish the business here and now.”
Naveen looked at me. But I was observing the passers-by.

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