SK Diary 07.01.20119
The art of surrendering!
I am going to the same old friend for my haircut, though he has changed working in different saloons.
It’s like consulting your family doctor!
Everyone does this with the doctor for the simple reason that they can leave their body at the disposal of the doctor. Relatively their faith is more with them for reasonable fees, relaxed consultation and comforting relationship.
Though I try to consider the same reasons for keeping the same person as my family hairdresser for nearly twenty years, yet there’s one more!. Yes. With his hands on my head, I enjoy the bliss of complete surrender.
He invites me to occupy the chair after cleaning the floor, the tools and holding the apron ready. Like a Prince I walk and sit on the throne. He puts the apron over my shoulder, pulls back my jibba collars back enough and make a knot of the both ends of the apron, and finally he gives a gentle touch on my shoulder. It’s a hint that it was time for me to start surrendering. He doesn’t ask questions.
He starts his work in a meditative way that I surrender completely. May be I surrender and so he meditates. For the next twenty minutes, I am like a baby in the mother’s womb or a back seater in a pillion ride, or a purchaser who never bargains!
It was like sleeping but not sleep. He removes the apron, I wake up and find in the mirror my head excellently dressed. Whatever he did was excellent to me. And he knows my head more than i do.
I take out the money from my pocket and thrust it into his hands. We break the barriers of the rates scribbled on the wall. What I offer would always be more than the rate, of course. The extra amount is not the tips because I never liked that word, tipping someone for something!
Can I tip someone to teach me the art of surrender? Is it payable? If it’s payable, can it be surrender?
Oh…are you in search of such a hear-dresser? First be ready to surrender! Then you get such a hear-dresser and………Peace too!

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