SK Diary 03.01.2019
I had my morning walk on the Santhome seashore coastal line.
Different people doing different things. It’s amazing and amusing! More than everything, the sea is the most wonderful one, though it has been doing the same thing for ever!
I found a man almost of my age running a mobile gym club there. His face was very familiar to me. He was busy teaching the young and old various movements of the body organs like hand, foot, knee, elbow, neck etc.
When I was returning, I could recognise him. He was relatively free, sitting and supervising his students. I started a dialogue with him.
“Sir, where did you get this training?”
“I had five years of intensive training with a Japanese Kungfu master and ten years in China.”
“Oh, you should have spent so much to learn this art!”
” Yeah….I had to pay in dollars….so much….but it’s worth… I earn a lot….”
“Where was the place of training?”
“It’s a remote interior village in Japan.”
“Is the name of the village Vellekalu?”
Shocked to hear that name, he looked at me with surprise.
” Was your master’s name Mr.Marimuthu?”
He was more shocked. To relieve him from the shock, I hugged him and smiled saying: “Don’t you remember me? We studied together in our village Vellekalu in Tiruvarur district in the school level. Then I went to a college and settled here. In the past forty years I have been trying to find you though I was told you were here.”
Then I gossiped: “Is it true what you said?”
He looked here and there and cautiously and told me: “Partly true. Our village was that remote one, but not in Japan. My father Mr.Marimuthu was my master. He taught me how to a plough, how to use an axe and spade and the farmer’s tools. He trained me how to be a member in a line which passes two bricks at a time loading a lorry. He was a simpleton. But you see, I couldn’t earn much. So I escaped to Chennai.”
“Were you a trainer all these years? You could have gone for a job!”
He laughed heavily. “Kulandai dear, you know I was lazy both intellectually and physically. Moreover I can’t work under anybody for a consolidated pay, wasting the whole day. Now you see, every day I enjoy the sea breeze, doing enough exercise and walk back home with a lump sum of money. My fee is heavy. Then only they respect.”
“Oh….Ok….but how do you get customers?”
“Yeah, of course. See as years pass on people do not work by themselves. Education teaches them laziness. They fall ill. Out of fear they want to do something. They have no clarity of what they can exercise though the body belongs to them. They want someone to tell them ‘ stretch your hand ‘ and ‘ put down your hand ‘. If you stop at one point they would blink. Most of them becoming insane. ”
” How is that you get so much crowd?”
“See nobody works physically in the office, in the home or anywhere else. Until they go lazy and crazy and my income wouldn’t go down.”
“But you must have a step by step methodical training for this!”
“That is what my dad as a farmer taught me forty years before. Though I didn’t use all of them for farming and in his rural industries I use them here. For example, you see this man. He bends his body to his front and waves fast his both hands to his right and to his left. If you give a spade in his hands, with all his swings he makes, he would have cut and cleaned the edges of bushes in one acre of land by this time. But that becomes work, you know. This is exercise. He is proud of this. And he pays for it.
And you see here. Five persons standing in a circle passing the heavy weight ball. The same movements the persons working in a brick kiln do but with bricks! After a full day of work they get exhausted. But here they get rejuvenated….”
“What about your studies?”
“I told you know! Nothing of that sort! Now I plan to even start giving training even to foreigners through online, by Skype etc. Side by side I would even be giving organic food recipes.”
I was going to faint. I smiled at him gently and slowly walked away.
He called me back and whispered: ” Please remember this is an art I learnt with a Japanese Master.”
I bowed in the Kungfu style and said yes and left.

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