You don’t need a joke to enthuse you…..just take a broom and clean an unclean place in the street……see the reactions….

Today a car driver asked us whether we were appointed by a private agency. I told them yes, the salary is Rs.1 lakh per hour. The agency is Gandhi Peace Foundation, Madras. I think he would never care to talk to us.

A man brought his dog and it urinated on the heap of rubbish we collected. After the blessings of the dog, we loaded it in the basket and carried to the bin. It was a great joke we laughed at for the whole day. He was insensitive to our cleaning of the road near his house and he used the road as toilet for his dog.

I learnt to use two brooms at a time to get the work done more effectively that brought me lots of joy and that helped me get released from this irritation. Gandhiji’s suggestion of Manual Labour works out very well.

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