To commemorate the Martyr’s Day, the 30th January, we conducted a Certificate Course on Gandhian Thoughts for College students in our Alwarpet office. Dates: January 24, 25, 27, 28, 29. Time: 3pm to 4.30pm each day.
The participants got a free gift of five books that contain writings of Mahatma Gandhi on different subjects along with a participation certificate on the completion of the course, in a function to be held on 30th January.
The books:
An Autobiogrphy by M.K.Gandhi (Price: Rs.80)
Hind Swaraj by M.K.Gandhi (Price: Rs.35)
Towards New Education by M.K.Gandhi (Price: Rs.35)
To Students by M.K.Gandhi (Price: Rs.50)
India of My Dreams by M.K.Gandhi (Price: Rs.80)
(All books published by Navjivan Trust, Ahmedabad-14)
The Syllabus:
Jan.24: What Gandhiji’s Autobiography means to me today?
Resource Person: Dr.V.R.Devika, Mg.Trustee, Aseema Trust, Chennai.
Jan.25: Are the principles in Hind Swaraj becoming relevant today? How?
Resource Person: Mrs.Geetha Gopalaratnam, Retd.Principal, Chennai
Jan.27: The New Educational Reforms we need today.
Resource Person: Mr.R.Poornachandran, Retd.Principal, Chennai
Jan.28: The role of youth in building an India of Gandhiji’s dream.
Resource Person: Mr.S.Chandrasekaran, Gandhian Thinker and Activist
Jan.29: The relevance today of the advice to students by Gandhiji.
Resource Person: Mrs.Swarnalatha, Teacher, Sir Sivaswami Kalalaya, Chennai.
Interested students were asked to send their details endorsed by their College Principal. Only twenty students were selected on ‘first come first served’ basis.

The participation certificates were awarded on 30th January.

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